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My visit to The Synagogue Church of All Nations
March 13 - 22, 2007
Deliverance in Jesus name

Prayer Line
In the afternoon service and on the next two Sunday's were shown pictures of the deliverance of Augustino, the brother from Mozambique, who was delivered of several spirits. It was clearly a very particular happening. (Later I read Mark 9:19-29: an evil spirit which leads people to suicide, swings him back and forth and lets him shout all kinds of things and finally he falls down as if he is dead; only by faith and prayer can this type be casted out, I read). 

Prayer Time
After the Prayer Line followed the Prayer Time, which is the common prayer. The people pray with the use of their complete bodies: arms, legs, mouth, everything is moving. Not in ecstasy, but to emphasise and intensely go through what one prays. The people pray and meanwhile you can hear the encouraging messages of T.B.Joshua. Several times he emphasises the message of this day: "act in me, o Lord, your faith". For more than half an hour everyone prays this prayer and then connects with his own prayers.

Confirmation Time
The same afternoon the brother already stood there calm and quit sane and testified of his deliverance. The next Sunday he told the crowd how it had gone in its life. He was loaded with evil spirits by his mother. They carried out sťances on cemeteries and coming home they called for more spirits. For the past 10 years Augustino, who called himself a 'simple Christian' had searched everywhere for deliverance, but could not find it anywhere. Two times he had been in Israel at 'healers'. But the spirits he had in his body then manifested and there came more and more spirits in him. Until at the end of the previous year in Mozambique he watched and saw the works T.B.Joshua did. Then he decided to go to Lagos. With the spectacular and delivering consequence. The Lord Jesus delivered also him! 

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